Frequently Asked Questions

Thourmanagement is a private international company incorporated in the United Kingdom. Our team consists of professionals who provide customers and partners with confidence and only the best consulting and financial services. Join our company and use the great chance to conquer the trading market and become successful people. Our company is engaged in cryptocurrency mining and investment in Blockchain technology as one of the most promising technologies of the 21st century. High results in the activity.

Yes, is a trademark of FUND MANAGEMENT LTD (company number :).

To open an account, you only need an active email address. Go to the registration page and fill in the required fields. It takes no more than a minute. However, you cannot use multiple accounts under the same IP address, or with the same e-currency number, or just like that, each user can have only one hourmanagement account. We do not accept multiple accounts for the same information. It will be paused.

Yes. Registration with is free.

You must use a payment system account to fund your Currently, we accept the following payment systems: Bitcoin,,, Litecoin and BitcoinCash, Ethereum, BankWire. If you have any questions regarding them, please contact us for further instructions and we will respond within 24 hours at max.

Click the "Forgot Password?" link, enter your username or email address, and your login information will be sent to your email address.

Your account will be updated as fast as you deposit.

You can deposit any amount from $ 5 (min. 0.01 BTC) and up to $ 500,000 through any payment system. You can withdraw any amount of at least $ 0.1 (minimum ticket price is 0.0030 BTC) and maximum output is unlimited.

Simply register and create one or more deposits as part of one or more investment plans. After that, you will make a profit following the terms of your investment plan

We have a wide range of security measures to protect your account. Our site is protected from DDoS attacks, all transmitted data is SSL encrypted. Our website is located on a dedicated server.

No, first you need to withdraw funds, and then make a new deposit if you want. All deposits must be made from electronic currency, and it is safer and fairer for all investors and us

Yes, but we do not allow the simultaneous operation of several plans, because it will affect your function of instant withdrawals in our system! You can make several deposits in one plan, and this will be accepted.

There are several reasons for non-payment: The e-currency account number that must be specified during registration is missing or incorrect. - A balance limit has been placed on your account in electronic currency. Please contact your e-currency provider to address the problem. Sometimes payment systems do not work, we all have to wait a bit

To make a request, you need to log into your account and click "Withdraw funds" in the right and top menu, and then enter the necessary information to complete the request for withdrawals.

All payments will be completed and paid instantly, including the withdrawal of bitcoins. However, this may take longer in case of a technical problem..

No, all payments are made in the electronic currency of the same payment system that was used for investments. We do not exchange currencies when paying to avoid disputes and create balanced conditions for all payment systems.

Sorry, you can’t. Investments are included in your profit.

We offer our customers a program of referral commissions of 3-10%. This is a good way to earn extra money. By inviting more people to our investment programs, you will instantly receive 3-10% of the review fee for each deposit made by your referrals.

No, you can earn money on our affiliate program without investing in our company. You just need to open an account and start promoting our company.

No, recommending yourself is considered a kind of deception and is extremely prohibited in our referral program. You will not receive commissions or bonuses by recommending yourself. Also, we may suspend your accounts.